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Assisting your Software Team

Perfective Maintenance

Re-engineering, enhancing and customizing the software product or application to resolve issues that affect the system’s performance and functionality

Scheduled Maintenance

Regular updates and release management so that it stays in line with the latest technology ahead of the competition.

Software Maintenance

Different levels of support services to help in troubleshooting, addressing complexities, and providing bug fixing for security audit and application enhancement. Including monitoring of system data, IT infrastructure support, monitoring of system setup, and application code optimization.

Application Maintenance

Provides consultation on choosing the most appropriate IT infrastructure and hosting options considering the long term scalability options. Apart from hosting and setting up the perfect environment, the company also conducts security audits, manages server and checks for backup storage setup, control performance, and checks for application licenses. Application support service provider also helps in migration to the cloud, if required.

Product Enhancement & Maintenance

The software product is examined and analyzed to find out all defects, bugs, and malfunctioning. Based on the analysis reports generated, the company will suggest possible changes for enhancing the product and improving its overall market value and usefulness. 

Pre-support Audit

As a part of support and maintenance of software product or solution, it is vital to conduct timely audit to understand its proper functioning. Such detailed audit report helps in detecting areas that need improvement and enhancement through maintenance services.